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Paragon Lost Brood
Brood is a Blood Pack krogan who is second in command of an invasion on Fehl Prime in 2183. Hot-tempered, tenacious, highly aggressive and a competent combatant as per the norms of his species, Brood nevertheless honors his deals as a warrior should. He isn't a total brute and has demonstrated technical aptitude as well as tactical acumen. Faced with the choice of running away from danger or the chance to fight it head-on and destroy it, Brood chooses the latter without question and regrets nothing, only wishing to die a warrior's death if it must happen. He does know how to prepare for contingencies despite his nature, but only if it involves weapons and the ability to cause more mayhem in the future. more...
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MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Exploration & Discovery Official Gameplay Series - Part 305:29

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Exploration & Discovery Official Gameplay Series - Part 3

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